Licence Information

An explanation of what you can and can't do with the ByteSkript language.

The raw licence file applying to the current version can be found here.

Scripts Written for ByteSkript

You (the script-creator) retain all permissions and rights to the scripts you create. You can do whatever you want with these.

The only exception is when distributing a compiled Jar file, since this contains the ByteSkript runtime, which is covered by this licence.

Modifying/Distributing ByteSkript

ByteSkript uses an adapted version of BSD-3-No-Nuclear (the original JDK licence.)

The licence allows any modifying/distributing, as long as:

  1. The licence + copyright notice is kept in the distributed file.

  2. You don't claim we (the contributors) endorse your modified version.

  3. The software is not used in a nuclear facility.

Contributing to ByteSkript

You are welcome to contribute to ByteSkript!

Your contribution has to meet the following conditions:

  1. You own/have the rights to what you're contributing OR it's compatible with our licence. Basically, you can't contribute somebody else's work, or somebody's private library.

  2. You give us the copyright to your contribution. This is so that we can use, distribute and modify your contribution. This is also so that nothing like the CraftBukkit incident occurs.

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